Loan Fees


New Car Cost Guide service NADA.COM
Loan application processing fee
(plus notary fee (if applicable))
$15.00 per new or refinance
Loan processing transfer collateral title No charge
Loan processing for consolidation loan No charge
Satisfaction of Lien $10.00
Cash Advance on Revolving Credit Loan None
Temporary License Plate $4.00
GAP Insurance $695.00
ELT (Electronic Title) Fee $9.50
Pay Day Loan Proc Fee (Credit Rebuilder) $20.00
Extension Agreement $30.00
Late Fees (after 10 day grace period) 10% of int due-min of $10
Skip-A-Payment Fee $25/$20/$15
Research Loan History $20 per hour

Visa Credit and Debit Card Fees

Annual Fee None
Late Fee $20.00
Cash Advance (Other Financial Institution Card) $5.00
Photocopy of Sales Draft $10.00 per draft
Re-issue PIN $3.00 per pin change
Re-issue lost or stolen cards $10.00 per card
Expedited Shipping for Replacement Card $25.00



Real Estate Processing Fee $500.00
Real Estate Late Fee %5 of Payment after 15 days