Whatever Your Needs, We Have The Right Loan For You

LES Federal Credit Union realizes that most members have wants and needs that go beyond their immediate ability to pay for them. Things such as furniture, appliances, home remodeling, a family vacation, and so forth are the “spice” that makes life worth getting up for in the morning.

Whatever your needs, LES has the right loan for you. It always seems easiest to put these large purchases on a credit card. “Charge it” seems to have become our national response to perking ourselves up when we feel we deserve something special. But credit cards aren’t always the best way to go. Sometimes, it makes more sense to go with a signature loan or a secured loan. With the right type of loan matched to what you’re buying, LES can save you hundreds, and even thousands, of dollars in interest and fees.

Choose the loan that best fits you:

So take a look around you. What do you want or need? Make a list, then prioritize it. Then stop by or call to speak to a Loan Specialist today!