Visa and Debit Card Fees

Annual Fee None
Cash Advance (CU Visa) None
Cash Advance (Other Financial Institution Card) $5.00
Photocopy of Sales Draft $10.00 per draft
Re-issue lost or stolen cards $10.00 per card
Re-issue PIN $3.00 per pin change
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ACH/Share draft Overdraft  $25.00 per NSF paid
ACH/Share draft Non-sufficient Funds  $30.00 per NSF returned
Stop Payment on Check/ACH  $15.00 per draft
Stop Payment on Check/ACH  $25.00 per item
 Photocopy of Check $5.00 per check
 Overdraft Transfer (manual)  $2.00 per transfer
 Overdraft Transfer (automatic)  $2.00 per transfer
 Balance Share Draft Account  $25.00 per hour


 Annual Fee  None
 Return Item  $25.00
 Stop Payment Fee  $20.00
 Photocopy of Check  $15.00
 Research Fee  $20.00 per hour


 Statement copy  $2.00 per page @CU
 Account History  $2.00 per page
 Research Fee  $25.00 per hour
 Gift Cards  $3.00 per card
 Debit Reloadable card  Purchase $5.00 Reload $2.00
 Travel Money Card  $5.00
 Cashier’s Checks  $5.00 per Check
Money Orders $2.00 per Money Order
 Postage Stamps $9.80
 Domestic Wire Transfer  $20.00 per Wire
International Wire Transfer  $50.00 per Wire
 Christmas Club Early Withdrawal  $15.00 per withdrawal
 Christmas Club Early Closure  $25.00
 Check withdrawal to Pay Bills $2.00 payable to another party$3.00 payable & mail
 NSF Check (drawn on other inst.)  $20.00 per check
 Excessive Withdrawals (4 free/quarter) $2.00 per withdrawal
 Check Cashing Fee $3.00 is savings balance $50.00 or lower
 Gift Envelopes $0.50 per envelope
 Temporary Checks $4.00 per page
 Inactive Dormant Accounts  $5.00 per month
 Early Withdrawal from CD & IRA  $25.00 per withdrawal
Process IRS/State Levy $25.00